Steps to follow if dock was damages by Hurricane Irma

Steps to follow if dock

has been damaged by Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma had no mercy on docks that received the strong easterly winds as Irma blew through McIntosh County. Just about anyone living on the coast in the county now has some portion of someone else’s dock either sitting in their yard or marsh, or landing on their dock, if that dock survived.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources has procedures dock owners need to follow before undertaking major repairs or reconstructing docks. DNR describes major repairs to “include the use of heavy equipment.”

Steps to follow:

  • Locate any permit information for the dock, such as Army Corps of Engineers Permit Number and the Coastal Marshland Protection Permit Number
  • Go to the web and search Google Earth to get the GPS numbers for you dock location
  • Gather up any old pre-storm photos of the dock or engineering drawings from the permit
  • Take post storm pictures of the damaged dock
  • Assess what is needed to return property to pre-storm conditions
  • Then, call Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in Brunswick, (912) 264-7218, and ask to speak to a representative in the permitting/marsh and beach program.
  • You will want to get your dock on their list and then mail or email the above information to a CRD permit coordinator. They will allow you to make repairs to your dock, so long as you stay within the existing footprint of the original dock and do not increase any of the dimensions of the dock. Failure to do this or delaying too long could result in having to go through the entire permitting process for a new dock.

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