Superintendent John Barge Qualifies to run for State School Superintendent

McIntosh School Superintendent Barge qualifies

to run again for State School Superintendent

McIntosh County School Superintendent John Barge qualified in the State Capitol in Atlanta on Monday, March 5, to run for Georgia School Superintendent. This is the seat he held between 2011 and 2014. Barge unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2014, and was hired as superintendent of McIntosh County Schools and began work on April 24, 2015.

For numerous months during the past year, the school board could not come to an agreement to extend Dr. Barge’s contract past the three years that would have ended in June. During that period, Dr. Barge said he began exploring options if his contract were not extended. He said he had been approached numerous times to consider running again for State School Superintendent and did not completely make up his mind until Sunday evening on March 4.

The McIntosh County School Board did extend Dr. Barge’s contract on Jan. 18 for two more years, by a vote of three to two.

Barge said, “Having served as Superintendent of McIntosh County for the last three years, I have greater insight into the challenges and needs of small school districts across Georgia and how the Department of Education could be a better help to them. So, I chose to run again in hopes to shape state policy in a way that provides greater assistance to small school districts, while continuing to support larger school districts.

Barge will continue his job as Superintendent of Schools of McIntosh County.

“I remain 100 percent committed to the McIntosh County School System during this election season,” Barge said.

If he wins the Primary Election on May 22, and the General Election on Nov. 6, then he would leave this school system in December 2018 to take office in 2019.

Richard Woods, who won the seat as State School Superintendent that was vacated by Barge in 2014, also qualified for the seat on Monday. Both are Republicans. There may be other candidates to qualify by Friday.

Qualifying also on Monday was Democratic candidate, Sid Chapman, who serves as president of the Georgia Association of Educators.