Waters’ Belleville home burns

Waters’ Belleville mobile home burns up

It was Tuesday mid-morning on March 6, when Vic Waters went over to his son’s mobile home in Belleville to fetch Shad’s dog. Shad had left early that morning for work and Vic decided the dog needed to get out. About 30 minutes later, a neighbor saw the structure was on fire and called 911.

McIntosh County Volunteer Firefighters arrived on the scene and fought the inferno. The heat and smoke were so intense that several volunteers were briefly overcome. The mobile home was a total loss, except for some drums Vic was able to snatch out before the fire got to them.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Shad and his parents, Sherry and Vic, sat on their back porch on Sapelo Ave., overlooking the peaceful scene of Roscoe’s Cut. They didn’t know what caused the fire that began in the back bedroom, but an inspection will be made to determine the cause. Vic was thankful he had picked up the dog and was thinking through how to haul off the charred debris. Neighbors had already brought clothes over for Shad to see if they would fit, which was good for he had only the clothes on his back and his tennis shoes.

And, Sherry talked about how grateful their family is for the selfless volunteer firefighters of McIntosh County, who risk their lives all the time to help others.