Qualifying Ends

Qualifying ends for

May 22 General Primary Election and Non-Partisan Election

United States Representative, District 1: Republican, Buddy Carter (Incumbent); Democrats, Barbara A. Seidman and Lisa M. Ring

State Senator, District 3: Republican, William T. Ligon Jr. (Incumbent);  Democrat, Jerrold Dagen

State Representative, District 167: Republican, Jeff Jones (Incumbent); Democrat, Cedric Z. King

McIntosh County State Court Judge: Non-Partisan, C. Jean Bolin (Incumbent), Unopposed

McIntosh County State Court Solicitor: Republican, Richard Braun Jr. (Incumbent), Unopposed

McIntosh County Commissioner, District 1: Republican, Kate Karwacki; Democrat, Lauretta M. Sams

McIntosh County Commissioner, District 3: Democrats, Charles E. Jordan (Incumbent); and Roger B. Lotson Sr.

McIntosh County Commissioner, District 5 At-Large: Republican, Kelly McClellan; Democrats, Jason L. Alston and Ire “JR” Grovner

McIntosh County Board of Education, District 1: Republicans, Cindy Harris, Fred Stregles and John H. Vernon; Democrat, Jim Morris

McIntosh County Board of Education, District 3: Democrat, Fred McIver (Incumbent)