Now is the time to get prepared for Hurricane Season!

Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 6-12

Now is the Time to Get Prepared

for Hurricane Season!

McIntosh County – Now is the time for McIntosh County residents to get prepared for hurricane season, which officially begins on June 1. McIntosh County, along with the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency is promoting Hurricane Preparedness Week from May 6-12.

“The most recent hurricane seasons have been very active. Several storms caused widespread damage and we want our residents to be prepared and know how serious and far-reaching these storms can be,” said McIntosh County Emergency Management Director, Ty Poppell.  “We’re hopeful Hurricane Preparedness Week will encourage McIntosh County citizens to be more proactive in preparing for a storm by having their plans in place well in advance.”

Hurricane Preparedness Week provides residents with day by day information and activities designed to help them be prepared before a storm. By following the steps outlined each day during Hurricane Preparedness Week, McIntosh County residents can take care of many important preparations before the rush that accompanies a storm’s arrival.

  • Sunday, May 6: Make a plan. Hurricane Preparedness Week begins. Now is the best time to learn more and prepare. Learn more at (
  • Monday, May 7: Develop an Evacuation Plan. Know your risk and make an evacuation plan. Find your evacuation zone (
  • Tuesday, May 8:Assemble Disaster Supplies. Have enough non-perishable food, water and medicine to last each person at least three days. Don’t forget the pet supplies!
  • Wednesday, May 9: Secure an Insurance Checkup. Call your agent and make sure you have enough coverage to repair or even replace your home. Standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding.
  • Thursday, May 10: Strengthen Your Home. Make sure your home is in good repair and meets hurricane code specifications. Have the proper plywood or aluminum panels to board up windows and doors.
  • Friday, May 11: Help Your Neighbor. Helping one another is the first step to community recovery. Assist your neighbors with gathering the supplies they would need during a hurricane.
  • Saturday, May 12: Complete Your Written Hurricane Plan. If you wait until storms are already impending, chances are, stress will cause poor decision making. Know where you will ride out the storm, and where your supplies are stored. Make sure your family is on the same page about who to contact and where to go. Get it all in writing and store copies of the plan where everyone has access to them. Use the Ready Georgia planning tool at ( to create a customized plan for your family.

Families can also download the free Ready Georgia mobile app to learn how to prepare for emergencies, create family communications plans and more. For more information on how to prepare for severe weather, visit To learn about specific risks in your area, contact us at or call 912-437-5170.


As part of the Office of the Governor, GEMA/HS works with local, state and federal governments, in partnership with the private sector and faith-based community, to protect life and property against man-made and natural emergencies. In addition, GEMA/HS employees are on 24-hour call statewide to assist local authorities when disaster strikes. GEMA/HS’s Ready Georgia campaign helps Georgians prepare for disasters.

About Ready Georgia

Ready Georgia is GEMA/HS statewide campaign designed to educate and empower Georgians to prepare for and respond to natural disasters, pandemic outbreaks, potential terrorist attacks and other large-scale emergencies. Ready Georgia aims to prepare citizens for maintaining self-sufficiency for at least 72 hours following an emergency, and uses an interactive website, free mobile app, broadcast and print advertising and public awareness media messaging to reach its audiences. Go to or download the free Ready Georgia app for information on developing a custom emergency plan and Ready kit.



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