Inert Landfill is CLOSED; New Construction and Demolition Landfill to open early October

McIntosh County‘s “Inert Landfill”

off of Churchill Road is CLOSED 

  • The temporary permit from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to store inert material, such as tree limbs and yard debris has expired.

  • McIntosh County Board of Commissioners expects the County’s new Construction and Demolition Landfill  (C&D) to be open by early October and can receive this type material.

  • Residents are asked to make other arrangements until the new C& D landfill is operational.

  • At present, dumping of inert material has not been authorized to be deposited in the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill.

  • With limited life left on the MSW Landfill, the County is reluctant to add inert material to the MSW at this time in hopes of extending the life expectancy.

  • Metal items may still be brought to the County’s landfill and deposited in the designated area