Fire Chief asked citizens not to burn trash due to extremely dry condition

McIntosh Fire Chief asks residents not to burn

“Due to the extremely dry weather conditions and very low humidity, I am asking all citizens to refrain from burning until we receive more than an inch of rain,” McIntosh County Volunteer Fire Chief Mark Deverger announced Friday, May 31.

Between Monday, May 27 and Friday morning, May 31, members of the McIntosh County Volunteer Fire Department have answered more than 25 brush and woods fires, Deverger reported. And, most of those fires occurred during the heat of the deay.

In Shellman, a citizen was burning trash when it got out of control and more than an acre of land was burned. In Briar Patch, about a half-acre burned that began from trash burning on property. The same happened off Smith Road, and embers were dropping into neighboring yards, spreading the fire.

There was a car fire on Hwy. 17 just south of the high school, which spread and burned about a half-acre. Some roadside fires has been caused by cigarettes being tossed out of a vehicle and catching the roadside on fire. One roadside fire began when metal fell of a vehicle and caught the dry grass on fire next to the highway.

It is going to take more than an inch of rain for vegetation to become even moist again and the ground to be dampened, Deverger said.

If it is necessary to burn, he said to be sure to call the Georgia Forestry to obtain a permit. The number is1-877-OK2-BURN.

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