McIntosh County issue regulations on restaurants, bars, churches, weddings, funerals

McIntosh County declares order regarding public health and business operations effective 12 a.m. Monday, March 23

McIntosh County Commission Chairman David Stevens stated at 12:14, Sunday, March 22, “Due to the dangers presented by the COVID-19 virus,  is has become evident that there is a need to further regulate restaurants, pubs, bars and the like. Therefore, after much consultation and advice  from various organizations, it has been recommended by McIntosh County Emergency Managements that all such facilities be limited to driver-thru and take-out service, only. “Dine-in” services, defined as the act of entering a facility for the purposes of consuming food and/or drink, on premises, is specifically  PROHIBITED  to be effective at 12 a.m. on March 23, 2020.”

And, the order states, “The general population is encouraged to avoid assemblies of 10 or more people. It is strongly recommended that faith-based gatherings, including funerals, weddings, as well as regular services, be suspended until further notice. As of this writing, it is noted that most, if not all churches have taken the steps necessary to protect their congregations, and those efforts are appreciated.

“It is further ordered that the terms of this order shall remain in effect up to and until April 5, 2020. Due to the level of restriction applied, staff is instructed to review the need for such restriction on a daily basis. It may be necessary to extend the terms, or similar terms. It the extension becomes necessary, notice will be provided to all establishments.”

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