Local group working keep a grocery store in Darien

Update on Group working to keep

a grocery store open in Darien

As the April 11 date set for the closing of BI-LO, the only grocery in Darien, a local group is working to find a way to keep a grocery store in town.

Ed Perry, a Darien resident, and spokesperson for the local group effort, said Thursday, March 25, “Our objective is we want to have a grocery store here.”

Southeastern Grocers deemed to close the store this spring, which it is doing. And, the corporation has a lease for two more years for the building, owned by WHLR-Darien LLC out of Virginia Beach, Va.

Perry indicated the group is working to establish an independent grocery store and take over the lease that is in place, under reasonable and favorable conditions, for the two years left, or renegotiate a new lease with WHLR. It may take closing the store for a couple of weeks, before the grocery store can reopen.

There are obstacles to overcome.

“We are not sure we can pull this off,” Perry noted, but the group is putting forth every effort to make it work.

The good news is the ultimate goal is to have local ownership of a local independent grocer, managed by local people, supplying quality produce catering to the people of McIntosh County, Perry said.


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